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The Epic Armoury Coreless Ranger Knife - Steel-Brown has a pragmatic and imposing look to itself. With a total length of 32cm and blade length of 17 CM, it is a knife that is best used as backup, with a pointed tip for penetrating skin, and a sharp single-sided edge look. The simple and authentic design makes the Ranger Knife fit into most settings and perfect as secondary weapon, for either a Warrior, Marksman or a survivalist type character ala a Ranger. Made from durable closed cell PU foam with a high tear strength, you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your LARP kit.

Construction! Core or Coreless?

The Ranger knife comes in two different constructions. A version with a flat fiberglass core and one without a core (coreless). Ranger knives with cores have a gold-colored cross guard, where coreless versions come with a steel-colored cross guard. That way you can immediately identify if the weapon has a core or is coreless. The flat fiberglass core gives the dagger a high rigidity in the vertical angle, and more flexibility in the horizontal angle, which gives a feeling of more control compared to a coreless construction. Some people associate a stiffer feel as if the product has a higher quality. The flat core construction is not designed to block blows from LARP weapons, but only an option for a stiffer feel. We have chosen to make The Ranger Knife with and without cores as some LARP campaigns have specific rules for LARP weapons, and with these options to choose from, you can find the right match for your needs and LARP game.

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