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Your Nodachi was handed to you by your master, many years ago. It had been a bittersweet moment for you, because while it meant you had overcome all obstacles in your training, it also meant that it was time to set out on your own.

You find the hard leather along the handle comforting, your hand finding its usual well-worn grip. As a traveling samurai--a ronin--your sword is your only consistent companion.

You look beyond the campfire where a fresh fish now cooks, sizzling in the heat, looking to the flickering shadows along the treeline. You have the sense that tonight you and your sword may once again be tested as you hear the unmistakable snap of a twig, your grip on its handle tightening in anticipation.


Epic Armoury’s Nodachi is a two-handed Japanese sword meant for elite samurai. The Nodachi is 140 cm long, with a 100 cm long single edged cutting-blade. It has a large oval crossguard and a small rounded pommel. The handle’s oval shape helps to steer the blade intuitively, and is adorned with menuki-bindings made from top-grain leather. The menuki-bind is twin-layered and made from contrasting colours, creating a diamond pattern.

Nodachi were large, but unwieldy weapons. With their long cutting edge, they were somewhat at odds with the bushido styles, and thus quickly became symbols of skill and status. Since they required extensive training to be used correctly, they were mostly used for duelling or in the hands of cavalrymen. While on the field of battle, they were made to look dangerous in the hands of elite troops with a fearsome reputation.

Blade Length: 100 cm
Blade Width: 5.5 cm
Crossguard Width: 9.5 cm
Grip Length: 30.5 cm
Handle Circumference: 10 cm
Length: 140 cm

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