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The dark priestess swung her mace, crushing the kobold's skull like a ripe avocado under an elephant's foot. She grinned wickedly as the blood splattered across her armour, and the other kobolds recoiled in fear before finally breaking ranks and running. She ran after them, screaming, "Get back here, you wretches and face my wrath!"

Inspired by Norse Svartálfar and modern dark elves, Epic Armoury's Eventide Flail is a latex-hybrid weapon featuring closed-cell foam, a fibreglass core, a latex coating, and a detailed polyurethane handle for durability. The grip is 65 cm long, with the leather chain and foam head coming to another 45 cm for a weapon, totalling 110 cm. The head is 18 cm in diameter. The detailing on the Eventide Flail includes a scent-stopper-type pommel and a sculpted grip, which gives you great comfort and control of the weapon. Both have a high degree of gold and steel detailing. The chain on the flail is made of leather to give it durability and flexibility while remaining safe.

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