Rogue Arm Protection

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I lager.

You watch the caravan coming up the road from far off, counting at least two guards and a handful of merchants. Only one of them is on horseback, with the cart pulled by a sad pair of mules.

You feel confident in your new Rogue Arm, smirking as you signal to your fellows who lie in the shadows. There may not be much to steal, but you and your mates will take it all.


Epic Armoury’s Epic Dark Rogue Arm is a pair of vambraces featuring intimidating, pointed elbow couters. These vambraces protect the top of the forearm down to the wrist, secured by two comfortable leather straps. Rolled edges and small ridges around the rim further protect the elbow and arm, making it less likely that you would take a lucky strike from an enemy

The Rogue Arm is designed to match Epic Armoury’s Rogue Armour, but is fully usable with other Epic Armoury metal products, giving you the freedom to customize your character’s costume. Made of 1 mm thick galvanized mild steel and top-grain leather, this armour set is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.