Soldier Arm Protection - Epic Dark

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Practical Protection for the Arms

Epic Armoury’s Soldier Arm Protection is a complete set of vambraces, rerebraces, and elbow cups. Designed to protect the outside of the entire arm, this handmade armour is made from 1mm steel and connected by chrome leather straps and strong rivets. The elbow cups--also known as couters--protect the elbow joint thanks to its rounded shape and reinforced ridges. The inside of the elbow features a cupped flange to deflect blows. The upper arm is protected by the half-rerebrace, while the lower arm is protected by the vambrace.

The Soldier’s Arm Protection has rolled edges that form ridges around the rims. Three chrome leather straps are used to secure the armour to your arm, and the top of the rerebrace is attached to the gambeson using canvas ties through a leather plate. With regular leather and metal care you can expect this quality made armour to last for a long time!

Available in Polished Steel and Epic Dark and comes in sizes S/M, L/XL, XXL/3XL.