Milanese Couter - Polished Steel

  • 1 299 kr
I lager.

Complete Elbow Protection

Epic Armoury’s Milanese Couter is a low-fantasy set of armour designed to protect the elbows--including the sides and a portion of the arms, thwarting even the craftiest rogue. Its shape is intended to not only block blows, but to deflect them away safely. A curved shelf is riveted and welded along its edge, catching strikes that would otherwise slide onto the arms.

The Milanese Couter is one piece, constructed using mild steel. One leather strap is used to keep each of the couters in place. Conveniently placed eyelets can be used to attach the couter firmly to a gambeson or shirt. With regular leather and metal care you can expect this quality made armour to last for a long time!