Illumine Complete Set

  • 9 099 kr

I lager.

The elves will never surrender their forest to the likes of the Orcs!

The lavishness of Epic Armoury's Illumine Armour Complete Set will inspire elven warriors to fight in epic Larp battles with intensity. This Brass plated armour comes in three sizes and can be adjusted using its solid leather straps with brass buckles. The Illumine complete armour set includes a helmet, torso armour, pauldrons, bracers, tassets and greaves. The extravagant nature of the elves is clearly visible in the workings of this fantasy armour. The multiple ridges on the surface of the plate armour add strength and beauty while expressing the artistic workings of master elven forgers. With the threat of war on the rise, you would be well-advised to wear this armor. If not for its usefulness in combat, then for its majestic presence on the battlefield.