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“Ven’thir stoically regarded the approaching orcish horde and subtly felt the earth rumble beneath him. Similarly clad and with the same composure, his warrior brethren stood by his side. They all knew that a victory would claim many lives, but it was the only way to secure the border of Thrin’dara. In a unison movement, they all drew their curved blades. Ven’thir adjusted his grip and briefly recalled his centuries of training. He intended to die with elven grace.”

The Curved Elven Sword is the quintessential weapon for an elven ranger, warrior or aristocrat. The iconic curved blade hints toward a sophisticated and intricate philosophy, supported by a distinct handle with meandering ornamentation mimicking an exotic blend of precious metals and white wood. Perhaps these swords were crafted aeons ago from magically imbued alloys? Only your elven character would know!

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