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Keltis II

The Keltis II dagger has a steel-colored finish and is adorned with stunning golden details along its center. Crafted with the unique Calimacil foam formula, this weapon boasts remarkable realism and durability without compromising on safety. The handle features a steel and golden paint job, and the grip has a rope-like texture for optimal handling. This dagger is an excellent choice for knights and holy warriors as a side-arm, while its compact size makes it suitable for merchants, lone travelers, and priestly characters. With its intricate details and golden accents, it could also serve as a symbol of social status for nobles.

  • Weight (g): 214
  • Total Length (cm): 47
  • Blade Length (cm): 29
  • Blade Thickness (cm): 1.5
  • Blade Color: Silver, Gold accents
  • Handle Length (cm): 18
  • Grip Length (cm): 10
  • Crossguard width (cm): 13
  • Handle Thickness (cm): 3
  • Handle Color: Steel, Gold accents
  • Material: fiberglass, Calimacil foam

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