Raider Helmet

  • 1 799 kr

I lager.



“How do they look? I do not know! The few times I was unfortunate to cross their path, I never saw a full face. Their glaring eyes glowed in the dark on the far side of the mire, but I saw only darkness up close. Pray that you shall never meet these raiding inhuman predators!”

The Raider Helmet offers armour with an antique, almost amphibian appearance that is perfect for any combative character with an alien ambience. The helmet is made of mild steel and padded with leather for comfort. It is the crowning piece of the Raider Armour but can be combined with other armour types for a specialised look. Whether you play human or monster, dragon rider or mire walker, noble savage or evil lurker, the Raider Helmet will contribute to unforgettable characters in future stories!