Woodsman Shoulder Set

  • 939 kr

I lager.

I now have armour to survive another fierce night of battle!

The scurrying through thick brush, it is necessary to wear the proper armor. Epic Armoury's Black Leather Woodsman Shoulder Set is a sleek form-fitting pauldron that will not restrict movement or get caught on loose branches. Sold as a pair, this richly detailed shoulder armour is made from several plates of stiff, vegetable-tanned leather stitched together to form a solid shell that will help defend the ranger in battle. Each pauldron can be tied to your armour using the leather strap containing riveted, segmented leather plates embossed with a beautiful Celtic pattern. The distance of the shoulder can be comfortably adjusted to fit the shoulders of just about any warrior. This spaulder-style armour is perfect for rogues and assassins who require protection but do not desire bulky or loose-fitting armour.