Samurai Armour

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I lager.

The best made armour is crafted by the most skilled smiths, the leather worked with such precision and care that the wearer can move unhindered, but still protected on the battlefield.

You have commissioned a leather crafter to create Samurai Armour for you. Before she is paid you want to be certain it is properly made armour, and so you conduct a test. With the chestplate properly tied to your torso, you perform a series of sword drills, faster than the eye can properly see.

The armour is perfect.


Epic Armoury’s Samurai Armour is a leather cuirass designed as part of the Asian Universe. Inspired by traditional samurai, this cuirass is laminar armour made from long horizontal full-grain leather plates. With attached leather tassets, shoulderguards, and a cotton foundation, this armour uses overlapping plates to provide protection and excellent mobility. Each plate is tied together and adjusted using sturdy canvas cords.

This Samurai Armour has been shaped and molded to feel particularly stiff like steel, but can be put on as easily as a surcoat with adjustable long cotton straps at the flanks. This armour offers great movement on its own or can be worn with chain armour or other Epic Armour leather or metal works, giving you the freedom to create any samurai inspired character that you want. With regular leather care, you can expect this Samurai Armour to last a long time.

Available in colours Red and Black; and size Medium/Large.